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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Holiday Gift Guide - For The Pets

Growing up with three dogs and three kids meant that something was always happening in our house. I honestly loved it. I have the best memories of having a house full of pets that were truly members of our family, so why not spoil them on Christmas like you would any other relative. I know in our house these wet noses will be getting lots of treats from santa despite them not always being so good.
Untitled #544
one & two - durable chew toys that wont be shredded to smithereens in adorable shapes of fire hydrants and nautical anchors.

three & four - fill up a stylish canister with your pups favorite treats, just make sure they are made in the USA!

five - I am not a huge cat fancier but I imagine that they would like a little private sleeping nook to be left alone in.

six - Claws can ruin your beautiful furniture so why not give them a scratching pad of their own to run their paws over.

seven - Pretty sure the only time dogs hate their owner is when we dress them up but how can you resist an adorable santa scarf & hat for a photo opp this holiday season.

eight - Quite possibly the most hilarious dog chew toy I have ever laid on, most definitely will provide endless entertainment and laughs.

nine - The creme de la creme of pet sleep bedding is not only comfy for your K9 but also super pretty to look at with lots of patterns available to match your homes decor.

ten - A pretty yet simple basket to store all your pets toys.

eleven - endless kitty entertainment with this snarky lazer.

twelve - a purrrrfect tote filled with mice for your kitty.

thirteen - A chic water dish for the posh pup.

***All my gift guides from last year & this year {plus some other gift giving ideas} can be found all in one place here***

Happy Gift Giving!

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