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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The Classic Black Tote

When it comes to fall fashion the one item that I will consistently have on me is my favorite black tote. I always have felt that a great bag is a good investment especially in a dark color that wears well. Most recently I had the misfortune of learning the hard way that some high end designer bags doesn't always mean they provide the best quality. Which inspired me to find a plethora of fabulous designer bags in my favorite shade {and a little fabulous leopard embellishment too} at all different price points for toting around town! Which one is your favorite???

under $1,500

under $1,000

under $500

Happy Shopping!


  1. I love that Clare Vivier bag!

    1. Me too! My fried has it & it's fabulous, very lightweight. She tied a scarf around the strap & it looks so chic!

  2. Did one of yours break?! My LV Tote had a strp break, but it was my fault (it caught on a door handle) but they fixed it right away, it still cost me $100 bucks though!

    1. My husband gave me a beautiful prada bag for Christmas last year & the leather totally warped on it - I go to Prada for repair & they say "we dont guarantee our leather" sooooo furstrating! That stinks about your LV, I find they are my most durable bags!


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