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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

that girl is not from NYC

Anyone remember the episode of Sex and The City revolving around the infamous hair accessory "the scrunchie". Well this past weekend while celebrating my cousins birthday at our favorite Shelter Island watering hole Sunset Beach, I spotted some very fashionable women wearing that exact item. After a bit of research I came across a few of these fabric covered hair ties that have made a possible comeback. So what do you think, is this look back or is it another trend just in rotation???

left // center // right 

Scrunchies not your thing? Check out some other highly fashionable adornments for your hair below!

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven // eight // nine // ten // eleven // twelve // thirteen // fourteen // fifteen


  1. Haha! One of my favorite episodes because the lady is from Georgia. I always love watching that scene play-out. I'd be hard-pressed to try a scrunchie again, I think, but I do love those other hair accessories!

    1. I feel the same way, I am however digging the headbands big time!


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