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Friday, July 13, 2012

Where I'd Rather Be

Captain obvious blogging today on things I would rather be doing then sitting behind a computer and answering emails at work. Just last week I was sitting on the serene shores of Shelter Island drinking a refreshing cocktail and people watching at the trendy Sunset Beach. It was bliss and I wish I could hop in Doc's Delorean to go back in time and be doing it all again today and every day for that matter. Why didn't I become a school teacher again??? Summers off sound positively glorious! Instead the highlight of my Friday is that I can wear denim to work, lucky me! There is really nothing like skinny jeans in 90 degree weather to make you feel that summer is in full swing. OK...OK enough with my whining and let's get down to the good stuff - beach essentials. After seeing what my sister brings to the beach for her family {tents, chairs, umbrellas, toys, snacks, bags, paddle board, snorkles etc.} it had me thinking what are the true essentials we need for a day at the beach so I created a little style board inspired by my beloved Shelter Island Beaches.
Untitled #124

Beach Chair // Tory Burch Tote // Linen Tunic // Flip Flops // Bathing Suit // Sunscreen // Evian Spray // Beach Towel // Lip Balm // Sunglasses // Ipod Nano

*Don't forget your sunscreen because freckles are cute - wrinkles are not*


  1. Clarins has been my go-to sunblock for the past year. My dermatologist recommended it after everything else (even neutrogena) was giving me a rash. Gotta keep those freckles & wrinkles away. :-)

    1. good to know - I am going to go get some, I am obsessed with aging these days :)

  2. LOVE that white swimsuit! So pretty! It would be perfect with that Tory bag!!


  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


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