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Monday, January 28, 2013

Cross Country

My husband and I often talk about driving cross country when we have some free time in our hectic schedules  We love to travel and don't mind small spaces so I have been thinking if we ever do get to do it that an RV would be our best mode of transport. That was till I dreamed we put our plans into action and yours truly was driving the RV the entire trip while the hubs slept, snacked & watched TV in the back. So there I was back to the drawing board on another option to get us from the east coast to the west coast without having to search for hotels along the way. Then I came across this upscale air-stream and knew it was the perfect solution for us. Since it was detached we could only enjoy it when parked for the entire night and it could be stocked with all our favorite luxuries to make the journey as comfortable as possible.

While I have already shared what I would bring along for a "glamping" trip, this studio on wheels would allow for more of our usual pleasures for outdoor play and dining as seen below.
How would you travel cross the country???

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