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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Glamorous Camping

Anyone who knows me knows that I am the furthest thing from a camper. While I would say I like adventure, the outdoors sleeping situation never quire excited me. Despite my friends telling how much it can be I have yet to give it a whirl. My thinking is that if I am lucky enough to have a vacation it will be somewhere that I don't have to lift a finger and the only decision I have to make each day is to whether to sun bathe at the pool or the beach and what high calorie cocktail I will be sipping from. However this all may change due to "glamping" glamour and outdoor camping combined. It is the new "it" getaway. So I researched a bit and saw some rustic images that weren't changing my mind on the whole wilderness thing. However my love for the movie Troop Beverley Hills had me continue on with my searches for the perfect luxury camping situation. Below are my findings, enjoy!

adore this look of a Berber style tent with a full bed decked out with pillows and outdoor area, bit concerned that the insects would still get in & eat me alive

this igloo shaped tent is on the right track with it's different rooms for different purposes but that giant entrance is screaming welcome home buggies

BINGO - a clear inflatable tent that you allows the outdoors but keeps you safe from the flying pests while also sleeping & relaxing in luxury. 

Loving the fold-able plates that also are purposeful for playing checkers & backgammon. The deep fryer grill means you don't have to skimp on your cuisine. A comfy poncho and denim leggings with the worlds cutest hiking wedges {NEED}. Stylish Ipod holder for tunes to help drown out the scary silence that I think a night in the woods would echo. Citronella torches to help keep the flying pests away and a stylish first aid kid for all your ailments. Finally some bubbly to help pass time!

Glamping Gear
{I went a little nuts with the price point, but then again, it wouldn't be "glamping" if the items weren't luxurious - right???}
Go Shopping

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