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Friday, June 15, 2012

style & real estate - nautical chic edition

There are so many differently lifestyles that embody glamour & luxury. One I am constantly fascinated with is  the life at sea. While I would likely be green in the face and my head hung over the bow with motion sickness 99% of the time, I imagine anyone else who has a stronger stomach then myself would surely be living the sweet life. Even some of my favorite movies have taken place on boats (Overboard & Captain Ron come to mind). Being on the water is so relaxing and when your ride is a mega-yacht with killer interiors like this one designed by super stylish interior designer Kirsten Kelli then you know you have arrived in style. Imagine waking up in different fabulous ports each day. I imagine my dream itinerary to be - St. Barth for the winter, Cannes & Marbella for the June/July and Sag Harbor & Newport for the remainder of the Summer. Ahhhh the life of the rich & famous!

I just adore that real furniture was used in this home at sea, really gives it a homey ambiance. Don't get me started on that gorgeous wood ceiling, the shape & finish makes me weak in the knees.

Those giant oval windows are ridiculous gorgeous.

hellooo party with my friends & family!

Carrera marble heaven

Seriously - a sunburst chandelier - I CANNOT handle this perfection.

rooftop Jacuzzi - why not???

the ultimate family room decked out with nautical perfection - I spy Hermes too!

OK, finally a flaw! I would lose that bed frame & those hideous neon lights. Replace carpet with wood & voila - a master bedroom perfect for the captain of ship.

images via

Stay tuned for part two that has your look all ready for your yachting adventures!


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