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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide - Gadgets Galore

Untitled #228
Just because your a fashionista doesn't mean you can't be tech savvy too! I am smitten with these Kate Spade USB bow & cocktail ring for storing memory. Order now because these babies are pre-order!

Perfect for the business person on the go and who wants to bring as little as necessary when traveling. This laser keyboard is projected from a tiny cube and will work with your Ipad for typing long memos.

Who doesn't love a fire to snuggle around during the holidays. I know I do! This ultra modern portable indoor fire place is remote controlled, style and safe!

Baby it's cold outside and texting with gloves on is hard stuff! Not anymore with these little glove grips you can add on to any pair of gloves you already have!

This cheeky IPhone speaker for your iphone is perfect for the desktop to help amplify your tunes.

Calling all neat freaks, this colorful little cube will help keep those pesky wires in place.

For the multi-tasker and list maker, this voice activated device will attach to your fridge and remember what you tell it to create a handy list for your next grocery shopping list.

I personally can't imagine a worse way to wake up but this moving alarm clock is pretty genius to get you up & at em in the dreadful AM. The clock stays put until it's time to wake then it starts rolling around your room till you get up to shut it up. If the alarm of torture is just to mean for the morning, how about the sound of sweet chirping birds singing to your waking ears with this bird alarm clock.

My husband was gifted this retro style phone handset last year and uses it for those long conference calls that free his hands up to multi-task.

The IPhone photo printer is great for those who love to capture moments on their iphones and still like to create albums the old fashioned way! Super simple & affordable!

Listen to music with these retro style studded metallic gold headphones or these fashionable heart shaped ear buds.

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