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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Holiday Gift Guide - Gifts for the Office

Put down the staples catalog!  Who says work has to be stuffy and boring??? Well I usually do most of the time but not today! Those who like to decorate their workspace are in luck because I have found some incredible goodies for your desktop and office accessorizing pleasures.

Untitled #227

I lovvveee gold & this peacock letter opener is not only a small piece of art for your desk but it will  also save you from painful papercuts and chipped nails. It sort of pays for itself with the savings of band aids and manicures.

Most of us 9-5ers all get invited to work holiday parties that require a general grab bag gift. While not amp up your gift giving this year with a fun affordable gift like these stylish notepads with bamboo pen. I mean it has an elephant AND a monkey on it, so you know its awesome.

Every desk is instantly cheerier with a set of colorful pens. They will look super pretty on display and while serving a useful function.

Know someone starting a new venture and needs the basic necessities to get their office set up looking good? Why not give them the oh so trendy yet completely timeless white lacquer desktop accessories for files, paper, and pens. A coordinating acrylic tape dispenser keeps the clean serene look in check.

I am a paper calendar girl, I love looking at the dates in a flash instead of having to pull it up on the phone or computer. I adore Dabney Lee's colorful and patterned paper calendars. I will most definitely be putting this on my Christmas list.

Create a goodie bag filled with fun office items such as colorful page tags, mustache push pins, a whale eraser and vintage style office clips.

Every office needs a place to pin away your inspiration and I am not talking Pinterest people! I am smitten with this shabby chic styled pin board for its feminine edges and neutral linen background. Anything that gives your daily dose of creativity surely would look beautiful pinned here.

Calling all organizers - this project book will help keep you on track and in style. Everything has a neat little home in this preppy styled binder. 

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  1. All with summer birthdays. She had an amazing birthday party for the kids while I was visiting, so I made a few gifts to bring along.


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