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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day to Date

I love Sephora as much as the next girl but I have already confessed that I am not a complete product junkie when I did my five favorites for him & her. However, when I recently emptied out my make up bag on my desk at work to touch up for an impromptu date night with my husband, I noticed I have quite the mini makeup bag filled with my favorite products lip gloss and lots of other touching up goodies. So while I do love when I get these spontaneous surprises, I also usually like to plan ahead. On nights you are going out apres work, you usually can plan an outfit that you actually thought out that morning instead of the mangled mess you  usually throw together. If you are like me you are growling through the crack of dawn and do a   half ass make up job you did with one eye open. I was so thankful that I had created a mini beauty bag after a Sephora Christmas gift card so I could touch up and enjoy the evening without looking like a hot mess. Below is what I keep on me to get ready in a flash {most items are a travel size portion} - what are your beauty essentials that you have to have on you at all times???
day to date
perfume // mascara // tinted moisturizer // concealer // bronzer // blush // lip stick // lip gloss // eye shadow

I have to admit these are not the same products I use every morning getting ready for the daily 9-5 routine. I mostly purchased these items because I am sucker for anything miniature and if it came in a stylish small package that fit in the purse sized make up bag and most importantly didn't make me look like a tranny it was meant to be mine. I have however fallen hard for a lot of these products, here are some notes on each that might be helpful.

Erase Paste - BEST INVENTION EVER!!! This product seriously conceals luggage under the eyes like no ones biz, blemishes too.
 Lipstick - I am obsessed with lip products {especially the Sephora brand}, it's my one beauty product obsession. The price is right, and a great selection of colors. I love mixing the shades to get the right color for my skin tone.
Mascara - DO NOT BUY expensive mascara, it's so not worth it! I have been using Voluminous since I was a wee one and it's seriously the best. I will never ever cheat on it. The curved brush helps create a soft bed in my lashes without having to use the treacherous eyelash curler.
Tinted Moisturizer - perfect in a pinch for a touch up going out the door, you need a tiny bit to get a big result, giving your skin a clean healthy glow.
Perfume - I always tend to go to vanilla, coconut, gardenia flavored scents, this new spritz I bought on Shelter Island is my favorite, it's super light and every time I wear someone asks about it.  Comes in a ton of different scents - try it!

Stay tune for part two featuring a day to date look for your wardrobe!!!


  1. This post reminds me of the "What's in My Bag" feature in US Weekly, which I love because it's like legally snooping ;-) Believe it or not, one of my favorite *non-glam* staples is a little tub of Carmex (yes, the $1.35 little wonder product at your local drugstore). Used as intended, it soothes and gets rid of chapped lips like no other lip balm on the market, but it also adds flirty glossiness that’s perfect for enticing a smooch from your sweetheart. For a little added bonus, you can dab a VERY small amount on your fingers and use it to tame those pesky fly-aways...or smooth a more polished pony into place before running out the door!

    1. Carmax is one of my favorite beauty secrets, I used their lip balm in the original beauty post! I keep a mug full of their lip balms next to my bed stand :)

  2. Blackout mascara by Dior. Yes it's a little pricy but worth every penny. You could cry in a hurricane and then fall asleep and wake up looking like a million bucks without even a smudge. OK, minor exaggeration but seriously, I'm ashamed to say that I've fallen asleep with this stuff on and when I woke up the next day, it looked exactly the same. Great for girls with contacts who find that some mascaras adhere to your contacts instead of your lashes. Besides all of those benefits, they make your lashes look insanely great! Blackout and Bare minerals are my fav mascaras!

    1. interesting, I have always been told to not splurge on mascara but after your review I may have to give it a whirl!

    2. Dior's Blackout is my go-to mascara too...and considering I "save" so much on lip products, I purchase Blackout regularly without batting an eye ;-)


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