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Friday, April 20, 2012

collars for humans

I have to admit when the collar trend came out I wasn't jumping up and down with excitement. It sort of reminded me of the turtleneck bibs from the 80's called "dickies" a la Christmas vacation that cousin Eddie so famously wore in forest green. I also felt that there was no need for the uncomfortable sensation of something tight across the neck. Just thinking about clasping a collar on has a enormous feeling of claustrophobia setting in on me.  I mean most men I know will take off a tie and unbutton the collar of their shirt they the second they can, so why do we as women want to create yet another fashion that is uncomfortable, why do we consistently make things harder for ourselves??? Thankfully the trend has taken a turn and it's not just about the detachable stiff collar but more about the collar necklace which I believe falls into my beloved statement necklace category. I am adoring the longer looser and crystal varieties. Is this look for you or would you be giving the Heisman to anything with a collar???

this beauty is a DIY - check out the link below!

Get the Look!

Go Shopping


  1. I love the look, but I haven't worked it into my wardrobe yet. I think it would be better to try out the trend with a not-so-bold collar at first. I think the topshop white pearl one above would be a perfect pick to start out with! Have a great weekend!

    1. I completely agree, I am tempted to try that dainty DIY one too!

  2. Well the 1st one I might wear as part of my costume while in the kitchen making a romantic valentines dinner for the hubs ;) Not sure if I could pull it off in public, although I do like it with the right shirt - one that you can clearly see it's more of a neck thing than your trying to pull of the "eddie" look. The necklace ones are super cute. I'm rather enjoyin the chunky one with the messy up-do.

    1. The rhinestones with the messy bun??? You would look so fab rocking that look!


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