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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

slim gym

I loathe the gymnasium, my poor mother (and sister) were constantly writing me notes to get out of this horrible class through my adolescent years and I shamefully admit that I still to this day do not enjoy going. While I was athletic up until the end of my high school career but not so much after. I prefer to work out at home (even if my neighbor across the street gets a good laugh) I hate the mirrors in the gym, the body odor of the people who refuse to wipe their sweat or wear deodorant - GAG and the thought of the machines not being clean severely puts me over the edge (John's obsessive windexing has clearing affected me!). I cannot stand everyone staring at each other when they take a break on a machine and I especially dislike when I am working out on a step master or a elliptical and there are machines behind me - I feel like my rear is right up in the person behind me's face. So all of the above pretty much explain why is it so difficult to go for me but doesn't explain why I just don't work out more at home!? It seems next to impossible and uber tedious for me to simply devote an hour of my time each day to working out regardless of the post work out glow of feeling better because I always do but let's face it - it's just not as divine as sitting on the couch with a mag and a glass of vino. I have been thinking that perhaps a new exercise wardrobe will do the trick. It helps with work so why not the gym?  I started my research and was shocked how much stylish work out gear was out there for this and just might give me the jump-start I needed - oh fashion, you always seem to be the answer!
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