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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

fifty shades of grey trilogy

I was slightly obsessed reading this trilogy. I knew zero about it before I started but it was all over the Internet and blog-sphere that I gave it a go and when I did I seriously couldn't put it down. Some may think its a tad embarrassing to admit that they loved this book but the story really wasn't about the "erotica" for me. I loved the non stop drama, clever arguments between the two main characters and the suspense of each story line through the series. I would love to divulge into the story more but I also don't want to put out any spoilers out there for the people still reading the trilogy. To all the haters out there that said this was a mock of Twilight, I cant fight back. I have never read or seen any of the Twilight Trilogy. I also never read Hunger Games - GASP! Vampires and futuristic styles are not for this gal. I enjoyed this book simply because it was an easy read, a peak into the world of the rich and in each chapter I was left wanting to know what happens next can't things just be as simple as that.  Why do we over analyze everything to pieces??? Perhaps the writing was a bit lackluster for descriptions of wardrobe and sometimes repetitive but it was purely entertaining. Since this story has been featured everywhere lately, naturally talks about it becoming a movie (Universal supposedly paid $5 million for the rights) are already in the works. I however can't decide if it would be better fitted for the big screen or a television serious like SATC on HBO. I almost prefer the series just because it can be extended to leave nothing from the trilogy out as what takes place in most book-movie adaptations. Every chapter could be an episode leaving us on cliffhangers each week! But seriously the most important part is who would play Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele, never-mind the rest of the cast??? Or even better - who would play Mrs. Robinson!

these are my picks - who are yours???

Ryan Gosling - OBVI choice for Mr. Christian Grey

Lilly Collins - Gorgeous & innocent looking - perfect for Anastasia Steele

Ellen Barkin as Mrs. Robinson 

Jay Hernandez as Jose

Shantel Vansanten as Kate

Amanda Segrfied as Leila

Wentworth Miller as Elliot


  1. Love who you picked! I think Lilly Collins would be perfect! and how can you go wrong with Ryan G?

    1. You know the movie will never be as good as the book - but I totally will be going to see it!

  2. can you send these recommendations to the producers.

    because not only is the book series AMAZING, but this cast would blow it out of the water.

    well done.


    1. thanks whitney, i def took my time thinking about it - can't wait to see who they really cast. I think Ellen Barkin is the true best pick for Mrs. Robinson!

  3. Ian Somerhalder is hands down my Christian. But I have been searching for weeks for someone I see as Ana. NO ONE was fitting the role. This Lilly woman is perfect (with a bit of tweaking to the eyebrows).

  4. I agree, the more I look at pictures of Ian S. the more I see Mr. Grey. Lily Collins would be perfect, but I'm afraid to ruin her just blooming career with something so racy...and would she have the aptitude to go up against 50 shades and all his quirkiness?
    I like your pic for Mrs. Robinson, but what about Taylor??? :)

    1. I know I need to update with a Taylor, he was tough since I envisioned him to be a older dapper guy. I am not really loving the actual talks of who is playing who, they are going to ruin the book with wrong casting on this!

  5. oh my god! Exactly what I have in mind! :) Ryan Gosling and Lily Collins are perfect!


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