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Monday, February 6, 2012

a home for your clothes

Oh to have room for a walk in closet, I can sit hear and day dream all day what it would be like to have space to spread everything out and organize my wardrobe in a single room. How blissful it would be to give up the storage space outside the city and have both seasons of clothes living harmoniously under one roof. Snap back to reality & city living, spaces like this generally don't exist unless you have mucho dinero or live in suburbia and can dedicate an entire room to your clothes (which I totally would do). Check out the beautiful closets below and then the celebrity dressing rooms towards the end for some closet eye candy.

since color is a bit terrifying to me a small dose like this pink painted wall totally intrigues me

you had me at all white
(I just would nix the carpeting)

the closet below is so functional & classic

chandelier - check, his & hers dressers - check, wood floors - check, full length mirror - check
a bit ultra modern for my taste but take away the pink purse & I think this is a great closet for a guy

love the idea of having dressing forms - I would test out all my outfits on them when trying new looks

love the fabric draped vanity & over sized dresser with mirror finishes

Celebrity Closets

Loving Eva Longoria's ladder to get the hard to reach items

Nanette Lepore's French Style is evident in this beautiful dressing room

Paris Hilton's bright colored wardrobe really is what makes this closet so beautiful
(I do love that mirrored dressed too)

Is this a shoe store a closet - she is ridiculous but how nice to have this much space just for your shoes!

Jenna Lyons, Brooklyn Townhouses Dressing room is beyond awesome. I love that's its not uber fancy & I am dying over a fireplace in the room - yes please.

Nikki Hilton's closet is simple & chic

Christina Aguillera's burlesque themed closet is 100% her

I am sure Kimora has a closet just for her expansive LV collection

Tamara Mellon & her daughter might have the most amazing shoe collection eva - obvi

***Celebrity closet images via Instyle & Elle Decor***

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