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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

bite by bite

When I was a Junior and Senior in High School I waitressed at a Long Island catering venue which I will leave unnamed as my recap of events that took place there are hardly stellar.  I think my friends and I enjoyed working there simply because they let us have cocktails at the end of our shift and while we had to wear the hideous tuxedo uniforms we worked with people our age and we all looked ridiculous so no one really cared what they looked like. I love that I will always have the hilarious stories from my time there with my good friend Michelle back home.  Just to give you a taste of the life at this neon lit ball room on the water on good old Long Islands South Shore - here are a few that stick out in my mind - Michelle once was carrying a catering tray full of drinks and dropped whole pitcher of water went on a poor customers head! Another time when I was a bridal attendant I had a bride who was pregnant and didn't tell the groom and couldn't fit into her dress which I somehow miraculously got her into, it did however result in some serious zipper burn on my fingers that night after pulling with all my might. Finally the bride who insisted on singing a serenade to her husband "wind beneath my wings" and was so sloshed she needed a chair halfway through the performance because she couldn't stand anymore. The stories are endless from my time working there and I am so thrilled that catering has come a long ways since then thanks to food genius's like Peter Callahan.

When I was planning my wedding I was obsessed with everything petite. I believe a cocktail hour should be just that, cocktails and small snack.  You shouldn't need a fork and knife or a table to have a bite of something delicious while holding a cocktail. When I came across the book Bite By Bite by Peter Callahan I nearly died and went to miniature food heaven. He is clearly the master of scaling down everything to a perfectly single bit sized portion and this cookbook shows you just how to entertain like a pro at home. He even has chapters dedicated to party themes like showers or cocktail parties to get you inspired for your fete. While I will always stay true my beloved Ina Garten recipes for 100% full proof elegant family style hosting. I simply can't help but want to throw a soiree and recreate all the adorable masterpieces below - which is your favorite???

adorable fish tacos & margaritas

mini milkshakes with bite sized cookies

petite caprese pita

these little burgers are ice cream with churro fries - seriously!

chilled vodka with caviar on a blini

artichoke tartlets & cajun shrimp lollipops

salmon piggies & pigs in the blanket (the hubs favorite)

spaghetti & meatballs never looked so chic

buy the book
I know I will!

Want the master caterer to plan your party???
visit him here


  1. Thanks so much for this delightful post Heidi! I, too, am totally obsessed with mini bites!
    All the best,
    Peter Callahan

  2. Your so welcome - I can't wait for my book to arrive - I am a HUGE fan of your work!!!


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