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Friday, February 3, 2012

Super Sunday

While I am very excited for Jason Wu's launch for Target on Sunday I know most peoples eyes will be glued to the boob tube to watch the New York Giants take on the New England Patriots for the Superbowl. Seeing that I am originally a New Yorker but living in Boston I am torn on which team to cheer on - NOT. I am and will always cheer on my beloved NY Teams even if sports aren't my top priority, I can't and wont betray where I am from. Super bowl Sunday in itself has become a national holiday for most Americans which should definitely result in a day off for everyone the following Monday. The food comas we put ourselves in as well as the amount of beer that will be consumed is totally off the charts and definitely deserving of a late wake up the following morning. I look forward to the snacks, commercials, half time show, being lazy and sneaking over to the Animal Planet Channel to watch the puppy bowl (I really hope there is a berner playing this year). Below is some cute gear to help cheer on your team and some fun recipes to make if your hosting the game in your home - Have a great weekend everyone!

Still dont know what to wear ??? Check out my blog designers adorable outfit pick at Fabulous K

make some fun food

if your feeling ambitious build a food stadium

pizza is always a crowd pleaser

chili you may regret later

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

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