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Friday, December 16, 2011

wrap it up pretty

I am such a sucker for pretty packaging! I seriously will purchase almost anything that comes in a stylish wrapped up bundle. You can roll up a rock in some pretty paper and  top it with a sparkly bow and I will seriously be ear to ear grinning with excitement to open it. Cute packaging just makes getting the gift even more thrilling and knowing someone took the time to put together each gift shows a lot of thoughtfulness (and patience).  I am however guilty of not spreading the gift wrap love to everyone I exchange presents with. I am the worlds worst wrapper and get so overwhelmed by the amount that needs to look good that I usually bail on my creative ideas and succumb to the easy breezy gift bag. If I didn't my gifts would look like a hot mess, I never can seem to cut the appropriate size of paper for the box or fold the edges properly for a flat top or bottom. Tape winds up everywhere and the papers jagged edges always get exposed - it's a total disaster every time and I will spare my family and friends receiving a gift so poorly put together.  I keep telling myself that one day when I have more time and space I will wrap all my gifts up pretty like the beautiful images below and splurge on all the bells and whistles required to giving the perfectly presented present!

  totally obsessed with aqua and red together - it's so pretty & festive without being over the top Christmas

so much cuter then a name tag - stamp your lucky gift recipients name on their Kraft paper wrapped gift

staying in the holiday theme but choosing warmer colors is so modern & fun 

love using the bakers twine for ribbon which is super affordable

add a little bling to your gift with an initial tag

cute festive wrapping for a Hanukkah gift

love the belly bands around a solid paper

DIY  - not really my speed but I do love how it comes out

this is more my style - easy but cute

candy on top of any gift is golden in my book

stamp your paper with buttons and voila you have homemade gift wrap

fun idea for a child's present

love the music paper with the jingle bells - so festive

I heart a monogram any day

miu miu inspired - need I say more

winter wonderland themed

this is so beautiful for the holidays or any time of year - totally dying over every little detail

black and white in the chevron pattern and ceramic gift tag = amazing

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