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Monday, December 19, 2011

for the love of india

This past weekend my husband and I were invited to a Hindu Christening called the "12th day" for a close friend's new baby. It was truly a beautiful experience and something we both felt very honored to be a part of. A special little man named Deven Patrick came into the world twelve days ago and instantly everything for the family he is a part of has become more wonderful then ever before. During the ceremony at the home of the grandparents on the father's side the baby is surrounded by his family on both sides and is held by a close family friend and changed into a new white outfit with everyone watching over him. He then had a red dusty dye put on his feet which is then imprinted on a piece of paper for the parents to keep. It is then cleaned off and the baby is swaddled in a small blanket and placed on a white sheet that is lifted into the air by the entire family as a song is sang to him. In this instance the song was sang by the little ones extended family via Skype in London which was super special so they could be a part of this ceremony. Finally the baby is passed around to everyone for a photo with the miniature guest of honor and their families. It was simple, sweet and all around perfect.

Meet the proud parents and their little man Deven

After the ceremony we were served delicious authentic Indian cuisine made by all the women of the family and sat on the floors of their lovely New England home to enjoy it. It was my first true Indian cultural event and I was hooked. My husband having spent a lot of time in India always has had a special place in his heart for the beautiful country and now I know fully understand why. Not only were the family and friends warm and welcoming but it was so interesting that I instantly became obsessed with everything India!

Below are some beautiful India inspired interiors that I completely fell in love with. Part two & three today will have a shopping guide for the home and for the closet so you too can add some India styles into your life!

aqua & white is so summery & clean looking, paired with the rustic wood furniture that keeps the room looking warm & cozy

navy walls with bright plum accents - love & love

dying over that chandelier and adding in the punchy colors just makes the below room so fab

this muted metallic wallpaper with the colored accents is perfect for a foyer

I hope someday to be brave enough to have a room with this much color - it's just so beautiful

keeping the walls & couch white allow you to accessorize the hell out of a room & do it well like the living room below

love the idea of hanging a small rug for art & those purple velvet chairs are beyond words beautiful

check out the ginormous master suite below - those curtains are stunning

Stay tuned for part two & three...

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing - I learned something new today. :-)


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