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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sussstudio – oh oh

Living in Boston’s Beacon Hill area means a few things, you are OK with everything preppy and everything old. You don’t mind only seeing three types of dogs (golden retrievers, Bernese mountain dogs and Labradors) and you definitely don’t mind living in small quarters. This historic section of Boston is very unique and even it has its own main street with shops and restaurants and it’s bordered by the Boston Commons, Public Gardens and Charles River, its 360 degrees of city living at its finest (at least I think so). I feel like it has a suburban quality in an urban environment that I don't feel anywhere else in Boston. However all the old buildings don’t offer many open living floor plans due to the old fashioned layouts of lots of small rooms which leads me to how to make the most of your space in city living.  Below are some beautiful images and clever ways to make small studio apartment dwelling stylish and functional.

Love the built in bench for seating on the divider wall - genius use of narrow space

Holy canoli - where do I even begin with he photo below! First, color palette; I think it’s brilliant to use all neutral colors, this studio looks enormous. The long rectangle dining table that looks like a single slab of wood which ties into the kitchen island stools and exposed beam ceiling is totally swoon-worthy, I am having total sensory overload looking at this beautiful apartment. All the built-ins for storage are such good use of the space. I would have them stuffed to the gills of course but no one would ever know it. The sleeping nook is just too cute for words. It looks high enough that you won’t bonk your head waking up every morning and enough room to get around your partner without waking them. Lastly – I cannot ignore the cute pup scratching at the door on his hind legs. Can I please move into this photograph and live in this fabulous apartment???

So this space might be uber-feminine I still couldn’t resist sharing. I love how the small space uses color and patterns without feeling claustrophobic. The clear coffee table on the beautiful rug balances the patterned wallpaper and striped fabric couch. Punches of colors in the leather pouf and on the wall art are just good old plain brilliant accessorizing. I wish I was bold enough to try out such things in my life but for now I will just admire this one from afar and hope one day when I have more then one room to decorate I can make it very girly!

Feast your eyes on some more studio eye candy here. I adore this sleeping nook. Reminds me of my princess tent that I could put over my bed and zip up for my nights rest when I was a little girl. I would sleep like a baby in that bed full of pillows and  with the curtains drawn, simply beautiful. The black and ivory color scheme is fresh but not over the top modern. I love the Greek keys design on the pillow and tiled pattern rug in a color that ties it all together. Mixing patterns always scares me but it's done so well below.

I am a sucker for black and white. This however is a far cry from my childhood bedroom that was ultra modern in a black and white checkered design. I want to start out with being realistic, not many studio apartments have French doors and monster sized windows leading to a small terrace but if you ever find one it might be worth sacrificing interior square footage for because this apartment is simply divine. The black iron window frames, the black and white rugby striped chair cushions and even the black and white cat are all just too perfectly paired in this apartment. The paper chandelier is beautiful but I would love to see what it looks like with a light on. I am also curious if that day bed is the actual bed for this studio space. I imagine this is a fabulous Paris apartment where I would lounge after a long day of shopping on Champs-Elysées and pour a nice glass of Rose and read French Vogue (which really means just looking at the photos because I don’t know a lick of French!).

Not totally my taste with the creamsicle color palette but still really good design and use of space if you have the high ceilings, I do love sliding divider wall - interesting design and ties in the orange theme in the entire apartment

Keeping the neutral color palette below makes the space look so much bigger to me. I love the curtains around the bed making it feel like a separate space from the living area and the lighting above the bed is just so pretty with the curtains open or closed for a romantic lighting - love love love!

an all white studio looks so modern and clean

the studio below screams masculine to me with the dark colors but still great use of long narrow space

*all images via pinterest*

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