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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Not so sure Jersey Shore

Hold up wait a minute, are my eyes deceiving me? Are there really places on the New Jersey shore that look like this? Oh how far the shore has come from my 1997 senior prom where we rented out a motel that I am pretty sure should have been condemned twenty years prior to our celebratory weekend. I can’t even blame anyone else for choosing the dated Seaside Heights because I planned the whole after party. Actually, back up – I will blame all the classes before us for partying so hard in the Hampton's that the hotels out there wouldn’t take us anymore, nope not bitter at all. If I ever have a reason to venture back to this summer destination  – this is would be it!

Bungalow Hotel

The ultra modern architecture is just so not what I would expect on the super tanned strip of land called the New Jersey shore.


The interior was done by design duo The Novogratz (formerly 9 by design or Sixx Design). Its just simple, clean and all the way fabulous. Their quirky touches on decorating are always so entertaining; I think a perfect fit for making a boutique hotel stand out from the big chains.

Le Club – The exclusive member’s only beach club which guests of the Bungalow have access to. It soooo reminds me of the 90210 days where the gang would hang on their summer breaks. I love the beach when there is cocktail service and someone laying out my towel for me – HEAVEN!

The pool which is also part of the club is amazing. I think the hardest decision during a stay at this fabulous boutique hotel would be beach or pool? The only logical way to decide would be to base the decision on who had the better cocktail list.

At night the pool turns into an outdoor club - love the concept but hope it's not turned into a giant tank top wearing fist pumping-athon at sunset

I adore outdoor fireplaces - a must have if I ever have outdoor space

OK daydreaming is over - back to work and the cold!

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  1. looks beautiful! I bet you guys didn't even care back then that Seaside Heights wasn't exactly chic ; )


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