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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

hair jewelry

At one of my last holiday shopping excursions I spotted an adorable pale pink sparkly headband at my beloved J.Crew. I tried it on and instantly wanted it. I however thought I was too old to pull off this trend and quickly put it back on it's stand and left.  Still thinking about it when I got home, I turned to FB for a little survey to see what others thought and so many friends let me know they rock the look and loved it! So the following day I returned to the mall and bought my first bedazzled hair accessory. I figure it's as close to a tiara as I can get without looking totally ridiculous :)

Below are some hair adornments I found in my searches that I thought were so pretty for an evening out on the town or a stylish soiree. That little number from Urban Outfitters became mine as well since I have become totally headband obsessed.  I have to admit that I love the hanging chains in my hair, it's so fun to add these as pieces to your wardrobe instead of the standard jewelry. Would you wear any of the styles below or have any fab styles to share???pretty headbands chains

Eddera feather hair accessory
$160 -

Tasha hair accessory
$32 -

J Crew bride hair accessory
$135 -

Juicy Couture hair accessory
$32 -

Jennifer Behr crystal hair accessory
$155 -

Urban Outfitters rhinestone hair accessory
$24 -

Sparkly hair accessory
$25 -

Some pretty pics on how to wear head bands

soiree styles

love the hanging ties 

bangs with the floral embellishment give a super cute vintage look without looking like your five years old

the original headband queen

sleek and straight back 

soft and pretty on a bride

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