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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The "Tory" Story

The Tory Story

When I fall in love with something I fall hard, I can’t help it. I guess I am nosey but I always want to know everything about everything when I love a brand or a designer. So when I became smitten with the Tory Burch brand I researched the heck out of her and the label – I couldn’t get enough!  I decided to share some interesting tidbits on the very fashionable designer. Tory Burch (born Robinson) grew up in Philadelphia into a family who were part of the elite social circles of the area.  She naturally went to private school and then an Ivy League College before she was famous herself. Tory was first married to a William Macklowe a wealthy Real Estate developer that quickly ended in divorce. Then from 1997 – 2006 she was married to a venture capitalist (looks like we had something in common) Christopher Burch whose last name she has obviously still kept. They had three sons together and three daughters from a previous relationship on Chris’s side. I however truly only became aware of her and her clothing line when she started dating Lance Armstrong in 2007. Probably because this about the same time I could start to afford some of her fab goodies. So a little personal history aside, let’s move on to the good stuff – the FASHION! In 2004 Tory opened her first store in NYC and was nearly sold out the first day it opened. Then thanks to an appearance on Oprah she advertised her line and the next month Oprah debuted one her famous tunics on the cover of “O” magazine. A sure tell sign you will be successful.  In 2006 Tory came out with my beloved “Reva” ballet slipper. The only pair of flats I own that aren’t sneakers for the gym. Named after her mother this is still her best selling item. I adore the leopard print pair the most. They are super soft and the combo of gold and leopard just brings me back to my Long Island roots. Since her initial launch Tory Burch stores have gone global with no sight of slowing down.  Above I created a spread of my favorite TB items to create an ensemble that I would totally wear on a weekend around town. Do tell - what’s your favorite Tory Burch item????

Tory Burch silk top
£92 -

Tory Burch suede jacket
$435 -

Tory Burch distressed jeans
£74 -

Tory Burch ballet flat
£210 -

Tory burch handbag
$575 -

Tory burch handbag
$85 -

Tory Burch long gold necklace
$195 -

Tory Burch gold toggle bracelet
$195 -

Tory Burch dark sunglasses
$149 -

Tory Burch..............
$195 -


  1. LOVE Tory Burch....just wish some of her ballet flats didn't have that elastic band in the back. It KILLS my feet! I'd love to ask her about that design feature? For my poor footsies, it's a flaw!

  2. I am surprised you dont like the elastic heel - that is one of my favorite parts for comfort, I guess each fit is different, maybe go up half a size? I had to.


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