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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Drumroll Please....Introducing C. Wonder

C. Wonder had me at affordable luxury! Co-founder of the Tory Burch Brand & ex hubby of Tory, Chris Burch launched his new store C. Wonder this fall in the oh so trendy SOHO. I am dying to get my tuckus through those bright chartreuse doors & spending my entire paycheck! The overall look of the store has me weak in the knees, the high gloss factor is everywhere and the bright colors make it look like an adult gift giving playground. I just wish they had an e-commerce site so us NY transplants can still indulge in a little NYC retail therapy. The store features special departments based on different lifestyles such as Palm Springs, English Townhouse, and The American Dream. Some fun features include a dressing room with special lighting that you can adjust along with music type in each luxurious velvet curtain room. They focuses on a stress free point of purchase check out a la "Apple" where there are sales people waiting to swipe your credit card from their portable check out systems. To top it all off they have a "no policy" policy where you can return anything at anytime!

The vast inventory ranges from everything from a wine bottle stopper (not needed in my house, we finish our vino) to a motorized scooter with vintage looks resembling a Vespa. Trench coats, costume jewelry, dishes, clocks, sweaters, flats, totes and so much more everything is at an affordable price point without lacking quality or design.

I can't wait to get to NYC & report back on my C.Wonder shopping experience!

For more information:

Some eye candy for you New Yorkers that are lucky enough to go shopping in the beautiful store!

Navy & White Ikat Dishware - $38/set
Wool Throws - $98/each

Red velvet Slippers - $68

Lacquer boxes - $78 each

Suede Slippers - $78

Custom Cheese Board - $18

Ceramic Watch Dogs - $58/pair

The SOHO Flagship Store


  1. Totally want the cheese board! Thanks for finding it. :-)

  2. Would love a girls trip to my beloved NYC!

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