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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Style & Real Estate

Since the end of our busy and best summer ever my husband  and I have been doing what we call "town hunting",  not being quite ready to take the plunge of buying a home and both being from NY we really don't know much about the towns surrounding our beloved Boston. We have explored both the North & South Shores and found some truly beautiful areas to settle down in but still something about living in the city forever just feels so "us" so we decided to entertain the possibility of staying put and really look at what the city has to offer for people who aren't 100% sold on suburbia.

When we walk around our neighborhood we always go down our beloved Pinckney Street. The narrow street with enormous speed bumps means very little car traffic which also means I don’t have to walk on the broken sidewalks of which I always seem to nearly face plant on. 99.9% you will see the picture perfect family walking with their children and adorable pup and halfway to Charles Street you hit the beautiful Louisburg Square. While we have lots of special memories on this street such as our engagement photos, this particular stroll lead me to my dream city home.
Some would think – what the heck is this? I don’t see anything remarkable about this – It just looks like another townhouse. While I agree the outside is very plain, that is almost what I love about it. I would spice it up a la Beacon Hill with a green ivy plant growing up from that doorway to the roof to fill in that empty brick space as well as a new front door with two sconces flanking each side of the doorway. If I were ever to get a green thumb I would plant some flower boxes outside the window and fill with simple white flowers. I sort of adore the charm of the old school look  and would love to research the home back to it's original hay day to learn about the old homes history.
There is absolutely nothing that I don’t love about this kitchen. It literally makes me weak in the knees. That copper hood over the stove for all the times I burn something = total bliss. The nautical lanterns over the grey and white marble island with the black painted bottom is beyond gorgeous.  Don’t even get me started on the perfectly stained wood floors. I love the contrast of the dark wood floors and the crisp white of the stairs and the cabinets. I would add two stools to the island for entertaining and this would be my kitchen heaven.
Heading towards the back of the kitchen and open living room leads to this urban oasis. The slate fireplace and rounded stairs literally make me weak in the knees. Can’t you just see a beautiful outdoor living room set up here. Comfy chairs and a coffee table to have tea in the morning or wine in the evening – aaaahhhhhhhmazing! The second level would be devoted to our future dog of course, the Beacon Hill mascot, Bernese mountain dog, ours would naturally be named Bernie.

Tell me that isn't the cutest pup you have ever seen!
 After our glass of wine on our outdoor terrace I would head upstairs to my beautiful master bedroom and relax in this paradise.
Waking up to that ceiling everyday would seriously bring a smile to my face.  If that is a working fire place – forgettaboutit…I may never leave my room. I could easily live in that walk in closet too and never have to worry about another closet-quake that I recently had in our apartment where I was literally swallowed whole by our closet when it collapsed from too much stuff.
The master bathroom wood is a bit dark for my taste but all the white marble really keeps the space not feeling confined. The double sinks and multi jet shower would really make the hubs happy.

While I could go on and on about this gem in the city all day, I will have to snap back into reality and return to my paying job so I one day can try to own a home as fabulous as this. All 17 photos and the breaking the bank price tag can be seen here. Enjoy!

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