Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Baby Boy Dooley - Bridgehampton Baby Shower

This past weekend my family and friends came together to celebrate our baby boy to be and I am still floating on cloud nine from all the love we received. It honestly felt like a combination of my birthday, our wedding day and christmas all in one moment. I don't think I stopped smiling the entire day. Being surrounded by so many of the incredible women who I have known my entire life spoiling our baby to be was a very surreal feeling to say the least. Everyone sharing stories of when they were starting their families, raising their kids and their birth stories was so lovely. I love learning new things from the women I have known forever. Having all my siblings and their families under one roof for the weekend leading up to the big day was also a special time I will cherish forever. It was a true family effort by every single person to make this day perfect for me and I will never forget that. A special heartfelt thank you to my mom and dad who made the day possible by hosting a celebration that exceeded all my dreams, love you guys! Some of the photos of our special day and details on where you can get everything is listed at the bottom of the post. Nine weeks till this sweet baby boy is in my arms....life is good.

guests took home ginger jar cookies and bow trinket dishes as a thank you 

the best 25 New York women I know & love 

dress // shoes // clutch 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Baby Dooley - Gender Reveal

Some friends & family may be reading this and being all..."what the what? I thought you were having a girl!" Yeah, so did we my entire first trimester! Here's how it all went down, quite possibly the craziest thing to happen to us. Thanks to genetic testing our embryo pre-transfer via IVF the gender was identified but unknown to us till about week six of my pregnancy where the anticipation of wondering what my baby was killing me and I decided I couldn't wait any longer. While my husband was taking a shower I called my IVF nurse and asked her to look up my babies gender. She called me back and said "are you sure you want to know?" "I said yes", she continued on "it's a girl, congratulations". I was in shock! I was SO certain it was a boy. I kept dreaming of having a son, all the predictors I did online said boy and my gut just kept telling me you are having a boy. I immediately shared the news with my husband and we were both thrilled. We started planning on how we would tell our families that a fifth little lady was joining our crew. Before heading to NY to share the news I emailed the nurse one more time to confirm the gender because I just felt SO sure it wasn't a girl {how crazy is a mothers intuition}. So in writing she confirmed once again, "your file says XX and that means girl". So we purchased little pink shoes, pink outfits and her coming home from the hospital outfit for our parents to unwrap as her gender reveal. We shared the news with everyone and the family was over the moon. We recorded the reactions, shared our name and started picking out everything for a little baby girls nursery. 

Fast forward to my fourteen week OB appointment where we are read results from our MaterniT21 testing and the nurse asked me if I wanted to know the gender. I responded that we knew and were expecting a little girl. The rest of the conversation went a little like this.

Nurse: Your expecting a little girl? {a huge look of puzzlement on her face}. Let's verify all your information to make sure I am looking at the right file. You are Heidi A. Dooley right? 

Me: Yes I am Heidi, that is all my information and here is an email from my IVF nurse saying I am having a girl. 

Nurse: I will be right back. 

Me: {slightly freaking out and looking at my husband} WTF is going on right now?!

Nurse & OB enter the room

OB: So we have test results that say the baby is a male and this test is 99% accurate. Let's try calling your IVF Dr, & see what is going on. 

Me: Holy Crap, this is crazy. I was right. I knew I was having a boy all along! {John is in silently in shock in the corner of the room}

We eventually got the IVF Doctor on the phone to which he confirmed that an admin incorrectly marked the wrong gender on my file but that the original lab report from the first round of genetic testing proved that my one and only healthy embryo was a male and that was in fact the one transferred. To say we were in shock was a real understatement. I couldn't believe that this human error of data entry had us thinking we were having a daughter for my entire first trimester, it was a real trip. It kinda felt surreal to be told all over again something totally different then what you had planned for the last few months. So here we were starting over, making several returns of pink items for blue, explaining to friends and family..."oh hey, remember when I told you we were having a girl...well it's actually a boy" and starting fresh with our nursery plans.

We are very happy to report that baby boy dooley will be making us parents this October and we are so in love with our little man. 

custom calendar // balloons // teether // shoes  

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Our Path To Parenthood

This post has been almost two years in the making. I am so happy to share that John and I are expectingour first child! We are truly in shock and a bit nervous to actually celebrate this amazing news considering the twenty two months of disappointment we just went through. However since I decided to share our path to parenthood with you all publicly, I felt it wouldn't be fair to not share how it all turned out. So here I am taking a giant leap of faith and spilling our very early pregnancy news with all of you. I am officially pregnant! 

We are so grateful for all of you that supported us, cheered us on, prayed for us, lit candles for us at church, dropped food at our house when I wasn't feeling well, gave recommendations for books, acupuncture & meditation, sent baby dust to carry on me for good luck, gave me their lucky charms till I no longer needed them, called in favors to labs for us to make sure the very best was tending to our little embryo, offered their ears, their tissues, their own personal stories of tragedy and triumph. There aren't enough words to properly to describe how much you all helped me through this challenging time. You all lifted me when I was drowning in the isolating world of IVF and trying to handle it all in secrecy. The best thing I ever did was put my story out there and connect with others who knew how it all felt. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the love and support, it meant worlds to me & we will still take all those well wishes and prayers for the next nine months if you are offering them! 

Now onto the details for those who are interested. I saw Dr. Bayer at Boston IVF in Brookline & I absolutely adored him. He was not only kind and sensitive but he was so patient with me and all of my questions & concerns. Even his nurse was great at putting up with me and my daily inquisitions via email. Our first round of IVF was seven eggs retrieved, one fertilized and that made it to day five blastocyst. It however wasn't viable for transfer due to a chromosomal abnormality. Our second round we had fourteen eggs retrieved and five fertilized. When those five went to genetic testing we were told only one was viable and about two weeks ago our one and only babe was transferred into my uterus. It was amazing, John was able to join me in the "OR" and We saw a little puff of light pop on the ultrasound screen letting us know the embryo made its way nto my belly. During the brutal waiting period I did everything I read about helping the implantation process along. I ate pineapple like it was my job, I wore extra warm socks everywhere including to sleep {which I loathe, holy claustrophobia}. I went to acupuncture pre-transfer and post transfer as well as every forty eight hours for the first five days {some people believe this helps with implantation success}, I ate tons of warm foods, took long walks everyday and so on...pretty much you name it, I did it. The night before our first pregnancy test I broke down into tears, wondering if all my efforts were for nothing. How many rounds would I have to go through to get our baby. Would my impending 38th birthday make the process more difficult moving forward. All the pressure and self doubt that comes with the IVF process was officially crumbling on me and I just expected that the following day we would be back to square one. Luckily for us, the blood work came back within a few hours and when I saw my doctor's number pop up on my phone I thought I was going to be sick. Then I heard the nurses voice say "I have good news" the most massive amount of tears started rolling down my face. I then got to wake up my husband with the news he was going to be a father and that everything we had been through was finally worth it. We called our parents & a few friends who gave us the most beautiful reactions that I'll cherish forever.

I have since had two blood tests three days apart to make sure my HCG levels were rising appropriately and luckily the results were very good. So that is our news! I am 4 weeks & 6 days pregnant. We get our first ultrasound at the end of this month. Now I just need to learn to not hold my breath for the next 35 weeks. I wake up everyday having to remind myself that this is real, that it actually happened, that every little sensation I have in my body is actually preparation for a human to grow inside of me. So while I don't fully trust my body yet after it's betrayal on me last Spring and I was super nervous about sharing our news too soon,  I am however truly trying my best to remain positive and hopeful that our hard work paid off and this is finally our turn. We are so happy little baby Dooley will be joining our family October 2017!

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Gifted - Engagement Box

They say engagement season collides with the holiday season and wedding season starts come the warm weather. So this in between time is the perfect time to celebrate engagements, showers and bachelorettes. I was so happy to receive a call a few weeks ago that a friend from college was recently engaged. I wanted to put together a little gift that celebrates this special time for the bride to be. 

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more engagement gift ideas 

more boxed gift ideas 

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Send A Little Sweetness

A quick hello to give you all an update. Yesterday went really well with our frozen embryo transfer. I am feeling great and very hopeful for good results in a few weeks. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the well wishes & support. 

I wanted to share a fun little company I came across called Greetabl. This online service allows you to go beyond the traditional greeting card and send something truly special to your favorite people. I thought this concept would be especially fun for Valentines Day but really can be customized to send for any holiday. It's easy to create, super wallet friendly and the recipient will love the bespoke details made just for them. Here's how it works, you pick out a stylish gift box from a slew of awesome designs, then pick your gift filling {everything from petite sweets to divine smelling candles}, upload your three favorite photos & add your message to the recipient {they even have tools to help you with that} and your done! I personally cannot wait to make these for my nieces this Valentines day, so much more personal then the typical $20 in a hallmark card {which I know they also love}. I adore that the little photos can be easily torn out of the card and even can be linked from your Instagram to upload your favorite snaps. If you are short on time & want to have a pre-made box sent ASAP, check out some of the super cute ideas below. 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Life Lately

I know I have been a BAD blogger. I haven't even opened my blogger account since before the Christmas holiday. Not only was I feeling a bit lost on the inspiration front of things to share on this little corner of the web, I simply just didn't have the energy to write about little things I usually do. I felt my mind was heavy with the task at hand of trying to get pregnant. The thought of of writing about light hearted things such as travel, fashion, home design and anything else for that matter just felt insignificant to what we have been going through. So life lately has been all about self care, physically & mentally. Taking time the time to get myself ready physically and mentally for our next step in the IVF process. 

Right before the holiday we found out that out of the five embryos we had sent for genetic testing only one came back chromosomally viable. Two had to be retested and one of those two was lost in the thawing out process {which really bites}. So come the new year right around the date when our first pregnancy would have been due I started the next round of medicine to get my body ready for our frozen embryo transfer of our one & only healthy embryo. In the month of prepping my body there has been several invasive and sometimes very painful exams making sure my uterus is a nice home for a baby, several medicines to help the process and even a few tearful break downs of my part trying to manage the stress and pressure of it all. We took a quick getaway out of the city to Vermont to try to relax and decompress, I have been practicing yoga, continuing my weekly soul cycle addiction, fertility acupuncture & reading all I can to make sure that I am literally doing everything I can to be my healthiest come transfer day. 

Despite a few setbacks that had us nervous we would have to start all over. Today we got our instructions and Wednesday morning we are transferring our little embryo baby into my womb and I am having ALL the emotions. While I am so excited to have made it to this step of the process {I never thought I would have}, I also am terrified of the thawing out process failing us {again}, frightened that it overall won't work and I will have to start this long ass process all over again. Frustrated that I will have to wait a couple weeks to find out if it worked, nervous that if I am pregnant that I will miscarry again. The list goes on and on. The amount of fear I feel weighs so heavy on my mind and my heart but I'm really trying to focus on all the positives in our favor and knowing I did everything I could to make this a successful cycle. 

So while the blog will be taking the back seat for a little while, I do appreciate all the support I have been given from friends, family & the people I don't know personally but have reached out through the blog, thank you from the bottom of my heart for your calls, texts, emails & well wishes. It feels like a big virtual hug knowing we have such a great cheering section rooting us on our path to parenthood. I hope to update you all next month with some good news!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Christmas in Boston

Every year the day after Thanksgiving I helped my mom decorate our home for the Christmas holiday. She always wanted the house decked as soon as possible which is a trait that was most definitely passed down to me. Since the weekend after Thanksgiving meant the egg retrieval for my second round of IVF, I enlisted the help of Boston Pollen for the garland, centerpiece and wreath as well as Winston's for our tree. It was the perfect pick me up to have the house looking festive when I got home. I put together a few of my favorite corners of the apartment that I added a touch of holiday decor. It honestly makes me never want to leave the house, it feels so cozy inside. Oh & our holiday card at the bottom that we shot while on Nantucket for the Christmas Stroll. 

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