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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Joy Journal

Back in February one of my dearest friends gifted me a beautiful box of treats from Simone LeBlanc. Amongst all the treats was a simple gold and white journal with the word "gratitude" on the cover. This journal has sat empty on my nightstand until I heard the commencement speech Sheryl Sandberg recently gave at UC Berkeley. While the entire address was really moving, one part truly resonated with me and inspired me to take her advice on, I was confident it would help me during a difficult time I was going through. The exercise she reccommended was to journal three things every night before bed that brought you happiness that day. For me some days those bits of happiness were big celebrations like my husbands hard work being recognized in a wonderful way and other days it may be a simple joy where fitting into your skinny jeans feels like a big win. Other mentions have even been a mere free sample of champagne gummy bears while walking past my favorite candy store. Whatever it is that brought a smile to your face you should write it down every single night. Not only is it a nice way to close out the day on a positive note, I truly believe it has helped me sleep better going to bed with happy thoughts. I know it's easy to dwell on the things that go wrong every single day but if you dig deep I am confident you can find something in each day to jot down that you are grateful for. To help get your journey started I did a little round up of my favorite journals/notebooks. Hope it brings you the same results of joy it has done for me. 

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