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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Etsy Love - Oh Baby

This coming weekend I am hosting a baby shower for a dear friend who is expecting a little girl and while I have been working hard at putting together the perfect gift for her, I thought I would share some favorite shops on Etsy that are knocking unique baby gifts out of the park. If you want to see my favorite home picks, check out this post

Babee & Me out of the land down under has to be by far the cutest shop for baby toys I have ever laid  eyes on. The modern homemade designs are truly unique and often made to order. 

Fleurlux took the oh so famous tissue garland and created baby mobiles in the prettiest colors.

 LouLouLollipopFinery has it in the bag when it comes to chic teething accessories. It practically look like jewelry!

I already shared this gorgeous custom swaddle blanket but couldn't resist posting about it again. It's perfection. You can even personalize it in the baby name of your choice. 

Is there a cuter way to showcase your babies milestone marks with this adorable sheet, BATZkids has you covered!

more teething cuteness

dutch rocking horse that not only is stylish will be fun for your little ones for play

shop all the above & more with the links below 

*i haven't purchased from all sites listed, all opinions are based on the images the seller provides*

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