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Friday, October 2, 2015

Decorate Your Shelves

When we moved this past June we pretty much sold everything we had from the old apartment as our current home has more of a traditional New England style and our old place was all mid-century modern. Since we also expanded our square footage that meant we had a lot of decorating to do. Something that is new territory to me. The process has been a lot of fun but also a bit overwhelming. Apparently I am indecisive and I pretty much can't make my mind up about anything which has meant that filling the empty spaces in our home has been taking much longer then I thought it would. I always hear advice from designers to "fill things in over time", "buy what you love, not just something to fill a space". I however have to tell you, staring at empty shelves is getting old real fast. So with my bare built in's looking pretty sad I put together a little round up of some objects to decorate your shelves with. What do you have as decor in your living room? 

Untitled #785

you can shop all the above with the links below

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