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Monday, June 22, 2015

The Vodka Cleanse

Morning friends! I am back & hope you will forgive me for my very long absence from the blogosphere. I plan on doing a full "life lately" post later this week but I wanted to pop in today and share a fun little product I came across this past weekend on Shelter Island when I was home celebrating father's day with my family. 

I have tried lots of cleanses and usually quit within the first twenty four hours. Life without actual solid food is nothing this gal wants to be a part of. Hangry is a severe understatement of how I am when I am starving myself. So when I popped in one of my favorite Shelter Island markets this weekend and they were giving out samples for a new juice cleanse, I was all like "ugh, another juice cleanse Ill want to try, spend a fortune on and fail miserably at" then I saw the words vodka, tequila and curiosity was peaked and I was suddenly sitting front row like a star pupil to learn all about this "cleanse". The company Clean Drinking is only in NY for right now but I am hoping with time they will be expanding, otherwise I will be silly bothering my family & friends back home to be overnighting me coolers of this magic elixir. Each juice is cold pressed, under 40 calories and is all natural. Some of the drinks are meant for mixing with your favorite alcohol to create a cocktail that is tasty treat without the caloric guilt that so many mixed drinks have. While the others are to help you feel revitalized on their own as a refreshing and hydrating drink, there is even one for the kiddos! I went to pick up some yesterday to bring back to Boston and they were sold out {insert sad face}, I fully plan on stocking up next time I am home. Oh and just for fun I put together a little round up of some cheery summer entertaining accoutrement to help make your next get together a little extra festive. 

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