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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Style & Real Estate - Nantucket Edition

When you think of Nantucket, contemporary doesn't come to mind. In fact, the island's charm is based on the very detail that it has remained old fashioned since it's whaling days. One of the things my husband and I love about the quaint island is it's uniformity, every home has that grey shingle finish that is so quintessential New England. So when I came across an article in Architectural Digest about a home on the island that combines the look of traditional nantucket architecture but amps up the design with lots of modern features, I was intrigued. The compound features several craftily connected cottages creating a home that is far from the standard Nantucket abode. The genius architects behind this creative structure sure knew how to work with the endless town building rules to create something truly unique. Take a looksie for yourself below!

a totally modest exterior - but oh the beauty that lies behind those doors!

simple & perfect

bold modern art dress up the all white walls

every good beach house needs a bar right? 

extra long dining tables are perfect for entertaining a slew of guests 

movie night in this cozy theater wouldn't suck

there isn't anything in this master bedroom that screams "beachy" yet it feels just right for a summer home

I would never see my husband again with a shower like this!

who wouldn't want to be their guest?!

dreamy breezeways connecting the cottages maximize the view & natural light

this makes all my symmetry obsessed dreams come true

killer outdoor space for watching tennis or having cocktails seaside


  1. The simplicity of that home is just gorgeous!


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