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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


One of the best things about shopping your local stores is that you come across new designers and brands that you may have otherwise missed while shopping at your usual brick & mortars or online. While visiting my family in Connecticut I strolled along the lovely little village of New Canaan and checked out a few home stores, some beauty stops and then some sparkly jewelry caught my eye. I of course had to try on some pieces and started to find everything I was drawn to was all from the same designer, NYLA STAR. I was told by the store that the designer Leslie Kumar lived in the area and created the line to be fun, sophisticated and affordable. Something I think every woman can be drawn too. I put together a little round up of my favorites and have been layering my new piece with my favorite Nantucket necklace. I love how delicate jewelry feels effortless in the summer, something about a statement necklace in 90 degree heat just doesn't work for me.

Untitled #659

all of the above can be found on her site

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