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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Just Beachy

I always feel fortunate that when we visit Shelter Island that my parents have saved me, my brother and sister all our own private space within their home. Seeing this wasn't the house I grew up in, it's a  real treat to feel right at home in a house that can still feel new to us. When they built the house we were all given the opportunity to decorate the rooms as we wished. I unofrutnately was a bit all over the place and picked a few random things to get it done. Now that I am older and more set on my personal style...I feel our little corner of the home could use a bit of a refresh. Luckily things like the bed and furniture are all still items I love so I am hoping to switch things up with some accessories and have the only big splurge to be some new bedding. Below is a little peak of the color scheme and direction I am thinking. I hope to share some before and after's when it's all complete!

Untitled #635

flowers // bedding // frame // pillow // candle {obviously the Shelter Island scent} // wall sculpture // pouf // throw // baskets // art 

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