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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


John and I are big on leaving little notes for one another. Sometimes I find the notes in my notepad on my laptop or on my iPhone but mostly we resort to good old pen and paper with little sticky notes. Whether its a friendly reminder about something we need the other to help with or a simple sweet nothing to remind you that you are loved these little notes lay all around our home. I commonly put mine on the fridge to let my man know a favorite dinner of his is inside for him, he often leaves them in my wallet for me to find when I am out and about. It's really fun simple way to let the other person know you are thinking about them when you can't be present. However not everything has to be smothered in love. There is an awesome selection of sticky notes out there that are pretty, cheeky & hilarious, perfect for roommates and your desk at work, a little something for everyone!
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