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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Sip & Snack - Red Velvet

We are a big fan of milkshakes in this house. The last shake recipe I featured was a huge hit with my husband so when I was brainstorming for a Valentines Day themed recipe I thought I would turn to the beloved whipped drink one more time. This time I drew inspiration from a Toronto restaurant called The Lakeview that features an apple pie milkshake which has an entire slice of pie in it. So I thought I would do the same but with a giant red velvet cupcake from our favorite bakery. It's a sip & snack all in one!

Here's how it all went down...

I started with this adorable cupcake that really was so pretty by itself that I almost backed down on destroying it, but it eventually it met its demise.

Two straws in case you feel like sharing with your sweetie - my husband opted to enjoy his solo - it must be an only child thing :)


3 cups vanilla ice cream {I use this low fat brand & love}
3/4 cup milk
1 red velvet cupcake
drop of red food coloring {optional}


Mix three scoops vanilla ice cream, milk & drop of food coloring in blender till creamy. Once at desired texture add in crumbled cupcake {with frosting if you have a serious sweet tooth}. Blend till evenly distributed, top with your favorite decorations or some whip cream & enjoy!

{want to make this a boozy shake - add in some cake flavored vodka & use red velvet ice cream}

milkshake maker & fountain glass // sprinkles // straws 


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. (Whoops - sorry, spelling error on the first one I posted!)

    This looks delish!

    I still read and adore your blog - so glad you've kept up with it. I have a few friends hooked, as well.

    Hope you and John are wonderful! Please pass along a "hello" :) xo

    1. john says hi! thank you for passing along the blog - how are you???

  3. Sure thing - my friends love it! And of course, the one post I comment on has to do with shock there :)
    I'm fantastic! I've been with my current firm for a little over a year now, but actually looking to move on to something else - 70-80 hour work weeks 7 days per week is wearing on me...haha Dating a really wonderful man - can't really complain about a thing. How are you guys doing? Still in Boston, or have you bought your dream country house somewhere yet ;)


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