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Monday, November 4, 2013

Take Me Away - Sugar Beach

Over the summer my parents surprised the family with the gift of a vacation where they would be taking us all away for a week next year. The fun part of this amazing gift was that we were also given the opportunity to select the destination. We originally thought renting a house in Napa would be our best bet with easy travel, spacious accommodations and staying in the US with little ones seemed ideal. However, we realized kiddos at a vineyard all day didn't really seem to be a good fit for them or us. We quickly moved on to the Caribbean as we all agreed warm weather was an absolute must. After some extensive research on destinations where direct flights were also a requirement {our luggage has been lost one too many times} we all decided on the Sugar Beach Resort in St. Lucia. It was the perfect place as no one in the family has been and we could get there fairly quickly from NY. While there is quite a stellar selection of luxurious resorts {I'm talking to you Jade Mountain} after our amazing honeymoon we favor the Viceroy hotel chain and couldn't be more excited to enjoy this enchanted little island. Just take a look at some of the beautiful vistas, simple yet chic accommodations and aqua waters. This trip cannot get here soon enough! 

I want to live in this bungalow

waking up to that view will be heaven on earth

the spa looks like something straight out of swiss family robinson

1 comment:

  1. ...and you're bringing yours truly and her pup, yes? Looks FABulous!!


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