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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Let's Get Local - Interior Design

I am absolutely over the moon to share todays featured gal with the "Let's Get Local" series. See this beautiful and talented lady is not only a successful interior designer she is also one of my closest friends from my Bentley College days. I have had the privilege of seeing her company grow from a petite firm to one of New England's premier interior designers. Her clientele has ranged from your everyday next door neighbor to high profile celebrities. She has an incredibly unique aesthetic that sets her work apart from so many other designs I have seen time and time again. While her work certainly speaks for itself the thing that truly stands out about this talented lady is her attitude. She is always happy, a positive thinker, laid back and beautiful inside and out, but don't let her easy going ways fool you, she is also quite the savvy business woman which has made her firm thrive to what it is today. She makes having it all {baby, husband, business & bloglook incredibly achievable. So without a further adieu, get comfy and enjoy my little interview with the lovely Kate from Kate Maloney Interior Design.

Tell us a little about Kate, the gal behind the interior design firm, i.e.  what you like to do on your free time, personal style in fashion or home decor, guilty pleasures etc.

I like to think I'm an easy going kinda gal. I love music, I love fashion, I love museums...I love anything where I can admire someone's creative mind and the way they express themselves. There are so many talented people in the world and I'm always smiling when I'm being inspired. It's actually the focus of my new blog, katielady and the tag line "Design is everywhere. Be Inspired." You never know when inspiration will strike so keep those eyes open!

I would say that my fashion could be described as bohemian preppy. Someone said that to me once and it stuck with me (actually, Heidi, was it you?). Recently I've had to incorporate the baby bjorn into my fashion style but my new side kick tends to steal the show so it doesn't much matter what I'M wearing.

My design work typically matches that description as well. Some clients want me to pump up the bohemian/eclectic side and others rather the preppy/tailored side. You'll find my personality somewhere in the middle.

My husband and I love music so we're always looking to hear it live. Now with the babe in tow we tend to hit up local music festivals. The fall has been a great time of year for that. 

What made you want to start your own interior design firm coming from a business college and what are some of the services you provide to your clients?

I've always known I wanted to do something creative. I grew up in a family of talented women...seamstresses, fashion designers and hat makers. My mother followed in their footsteps by starting a custom drapery business when my sisters and I first went to school. (30 years later that's still going strong!) My high school art teacher suggested business school as a way to potentially make money in the real world with my little creative mind. My first thought was to work in the advertising business so I majored in Marketing at Bentley College. About 2 years into my professional career I knew it wasn't for me...and the journey began. I've been fortunate enough to throw myself into this business and soak up knowledge from countless home professionals I've worked with. This year we are celebrating 10 YEARS in business, I guess it's working!

My business brain has certainly set me apart in the interiors world. We have budgets and timelines and I'm a stickler for both. I want to set my client's expectations appropriately from the get go and then deliver what I promised. Interior design can be a loose business and the creative part of my brain can start to run wild. Sometimes it's the business side that keeps me in reality and helps me get the rooms delivered and installed. 

Casa B Commercial Design Project 

How would you describe your design aesthetic when it comes to executing an overall look for a client?

I love interesting. I love different. I love one-of-a-kind. I love texture and pattern. I love the idea that no two homes look the same so let's celebrate their unique qualities. I push the boundaries because I'm giving my clients something they've never seen before. Most of them go there with me and the results are ALWAYS our best work. Design shouldn't be taken too seriously. We're designing spaces where families live and have fun...their interiors should reflect that.

What is the best part of your job and do you have any advice for someone who is thinking of going out on their own in a similar field?

I love everything about my "job". I honestly don't even think of it that way most days. My advice to someone thinking about going out on their own (in any field) is to just go for it. If you have a passion for what you do then why not make that your career? Bet on yourself, trust your gut and take the leap. I remember a gift my mother gave me when I was toying with this major transition in my life. It reads, "leap and the net will appear" and so it has...time and time and time again. If you believe you can do it then you will make it happen for yourself!

Knowing you are a native new englander, what are some of your favorite spots to dine & or visit? 

One of my favorite local spots is the DeCordova Museum. You can wonder the grounds, clear your head and enjoy others' creative visions. It has the most peaceful vibe. I love it. Our most recent visit included a visit there for a family members birthday, my niece wanted to visit this museum as part of her 10th b-day celebration so I tagged along. She is such a cool little lady!

We have our local favorites...Rudy's, Za and Redbones (just to name a few) but if we're planning a night out we always like to try something new. Somerville/Cambridge has countless restaurants popping up every few months so we're always looking for our next favorite.

interior images via Sean Litchfield Photography 

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