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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Style & Real Estate - Celebrity Edition - Courtney Cox

Obsessed with that painting above,

If someone ever asked me what my personal style for home decor was I am not sure contemporary would be one of the first words I would use, yet I continuously find myself drawn to modern homes that are high on style and chock full of clean lines with sleek finishes. So when I saw Courtney Cox's private paradise in Elle Decor I knew I was in for a major dose of pretty. Not only did this home ooze incredible simple style but the indoor/outdoor living is true perfection. Take a look below to see what I am talking about, it's SO good. You can officially color me green with envy. 

The glass panels around this outdoor seating area would cause us to buy a lifetime supply of windex but I think it would totally be worth it. I would be snuggling up in a corner of that couch with wine and a book every.single.night. 

A full kitchen dedicated to outdoor dining. Those oversized windows that open out are redonk. I could have a mean game of bartender there while my friends ponied up to the counter.

That lovely Herm├Ęs blanket below never bores me. LOVE.

Waking up to salt air, the sound of crashing waves and an incredible view definitely does not suck.

There are no words.

The before & after's are truly remarkable. Gets me giddy for the day when we tackle an old home in our beloved neighborhood to put our personal touch on. 

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