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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Sip & Snack - Going Green

Over the summer I was quite addicted to juicing and luckily on our enchanted little island there was a wonderful little market that made them all fresh upon order. One of my favorites to order was their green juice that was all vegetables and the ultimate detox {much needed after my wine consumption the night before} but the ginger in it was a bit too spicy for my taste. I substituted the ginger with one green apple to help give all the vegetables a more palatable flavor versus drinking something that tasted like it came out of the lawnmower bag and it transformed this veggie juice into something super delicious despite it's intimidating color. Check out all the details below on how to make at home. 

Juicing is expensive. Whether I am buying them at a market or the gym, I am always spending around $12 per 12 oz drink. My sweet mom saw me downing these babies almost twice a day and surprised me with my own juicer which I absolutely am addicted to. It's so fun to create new combinations and recipes of my favorite vegetables and fruits to create something that is healthy and tasty!

{makes two 8 oz servings}

two cucumbers
one bunch of kale
two green apples
four stalks of celery


thoroughly wash vegetables to remove all grit and feed into juicer
pour & enjoy

While in Quebec City on a recent vacation my husband had some work calls he had to take. Naturally I suggested we do them in our hotel bar where I could order snacks and cocktails for us to enjoy till the work was done. One of the appetizers I ordered was their take on the traditional crudité which was called zucchini caviar. After I inhaled the snack, I made a mental not to try to recreate the healthy treat back at home and while I am not one to toot my own horn, it came out so flipping good. The best part there is zero guilt and super easy to make. 


one zucchini 
one can of black olives {drained}
one bunch of fresh basil
one lemon
one garlic clove
salt & pepper 


Wash zucchini and chop into four pieces. Place in a food processor and pulse till it is finely chopped. Empty into bowl and do the same with the olives, basil & garlic. Once everything is chopped place in large mixing bowl and season with juice of one lemon, salt and pepper {do not need too much since olives are salty}. Gently mix all the ingredients till evenly distributed and serve with your favorite cracker or breadstick. 


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