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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

I Want Candy...

Confession, I am a HUGE candy ADDICT {Exhibit A & B}. Give me gummy, taffy or pretty much anything sugar coated and you have won a place in my heart.  I can pass by chocolate, cakes, ice cream and avoid the temptation of a taste no problem but if you dangle some sweet gummy bears, swedish fish or laffy taffy in my face I will pretty much revert to childlike tactics till it's in my possession. With all of that said, you can imagine my extreme bliss when I stumbled upon Sugarfina, a company dedicated to confections to not only taste good but also super pretty to look at. I adore their stylish take on the clever packaging {i.e the bento box}, using seasonal ingredients and of course their custom treats for your special event. To say my online shopping cart is overloaded during the writing of this post is a tremendous understatement but hey, it's research right??? Check out a few of my favorite treats below!

How adorable is the styling of these candies. I am completely smitten with the displaying of chocolate covered berries in a farmers market basket, such a whimsical take on the traditional candy dish.

How cute are these bento boxes!? One of each please. 

This tasting bento of all adult flavors is screaming buy me Heidi!!!

Candy & Cocktails combination, ummmm - yes please!

NEED these olive painted almonds for my bar cart. Perfect for entertaining and serving martinis. 

The most adorable gift sets for every occasion

Finally the crème de la crème and something that will certainly be on my Christmas list to Santa - The Tasting Club, where you get a new sample sent to you every month! I die.

1 comment:

  1. what a lovely write-up, thank you so much! we're so happy to find people who appreciate pretty candies & pretty presentation as much as we do :)
    stay sweet!
    Rosie & Josh of Sugarfina


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