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Saturday, July 6, 2013

Weekend Wear - Working It Out

Today my sister and I are off to the Bridgehampton location for another session of torture with Physique 57. This class is by far the most difficult class I have ever taken. I seriously couldn't move the entire day after my last class, literally laughing hurt. Since then I have been hitting up Zumba two times a week and Spin one day a week trying to get myself in better shape. One thing that definitely helped me get motivated {besides seeing a hideous picture of my wide hips in white denim} was purchasing some new work out wear that I felt good in. After-all wouldn't you agree a new outfit can make you feel great in any situation??? I usually go all black when it comes to my clothing, but I like my jacket/sweatshirt and sneakers to be my pops of color like in the little ensemble below.


  1. We met in blogshop boston! Your blog looks great! I am just starting to use what we learned :)
    I have been doing Zumba as well post baby work outs it has been helping me shed some pounds. I really want to try Physique 57 but we don't have that around here :( my blog has been renamed it

    1. Physique is so hard! I can barely move, congrats on your new baby!


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