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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Weekend Wear - Wedding Season

Yesterday after a stay with my sister for my nieces birthday I had some time to kill before I picked up my husband at the airport. Naturally I went shopping and had such a nice afternoon all to myself strolling the village of Greenwich, CT. I stopped at one of my favorite stores Intermix to try on this dress that I saw in the window {didn't work because of the tear drop in the front, way too much cleavage for a chesty gal like myself}. What did work was the black and white stunner below. I absolutely fell in love and was almost out of the store with the beauty in tow when I realized I do not have any weddings to wear it too! I wish I could hop in the delorean and go back in time to the summer of 2008 where I had eight weddings in a three month span and had so many fun new dresses to wear. However when you hit your mid thirties the wave of weddings does slow down, so till I have a fabulous event to don such a gown, I will be dreaming of this lovely dress. 


  1. maybe you could do a fancy date night or anniversary party in it :) very pretty ! love the earrings too !


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