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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thirsty Thursday - Rock Lobster

If you were a fan of the show Friends like me then you likely remember "she's your lobster" episode. When I saw this last week on our Nantucket vacation, I was inspired to have a lobster cookout, something that certainly isn't easily executed in the city. A traditional boiled lobster is definitely one of those meals I have always enjoyed eating at home allowing myself to get as messy as I wish. However this little luxury of a meal can also be very stylish when entertaining. Just check out all the chic lobster goodies you can put together to host a fabulous lobster bake in your home. So in light of my usual cocktail concoctions I usually share, I thought I would keep it simple with a simple glass of chilled champagne for an inspired lobster dinner.

Whether you are on the water or not this nautical champagne is the perfect accompaniment to a seaside dining experience and a little lobster cocktail adornment never hurt anybody. A fun "how to eat a lobster" print adds some fun decor. A lobster pot is a necessity for cooking numerous lobsters at a time, while a roll of kraft paper is easy clean up for the messy meal. Bowls for the discarded shells and butter are a must as well is a tray for serving the lobsters. Seafood tools like a cracker for the shell, a long fork to help get out the hard to reach bits and a bib help make the meal more fun and of course you will need lots of lemon to clean off the smell of the sea and chic napkins for drying your hands.

Check out more nautical inspired dining like the images below here.


  1. now i really want craft paper for my table! so smart!

  2. i love the outdoor place settings! my mom will love that for our beach house for the 4th, I will have to show her!

    XO, Stefanie
    Life on the Squares


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