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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Signature Scents

Statement necklaces aren't the only items I like to layer on one another, I also adore doing this with my perfume. I often find myself wearing the same scent for years and years till it's either discontinued or I just can't take the fragrance any longer. I feel perfume is an important element in a beauty routine and I never leave home without a spritz on my neck and on my wrists. Fragrances are also interesting in that they always smell different on everyone. I personally love mixing complementing scents to create a unique scent that is all my own. I know my cousin who is a professional "nose" in the perfume industry is cringing as she reads this. She has always told me that it's insulting to the maker as incredible amounts of research and science is behind each and every perfume but I gotta be me and make my signature scent, some of my favorites for mixing are below. 

You probably notice a trend with my selection. I am always partial to anything vanilla and think it works well with soft floral scents. However in the summer time, nothing beats coconut and vanilla with hints of apricot. Every time I mix these two people ask what I am wearing. Together its a little bit of tropical sun kissed goodness. My newest water and petal scents are more of an elegant combination of which I like to use when I am dressing up. Finally my long time favorite lavender and vanilla from Calypso St. Barth is my everyday go to fragrance that is warm and not overpowering. Even their candles are heavenly. 

What is your favorite perfume???

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