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Monday, June 24, 2013

DIY - Tissue Garland

I am so flipping in love with todays DIY brought to you by Becca of Petal Floral Design. I first met this talented New Englander at Blogshop over the winter and again at Cocktails & Conversations and she was a total doll offering to help any of the women in the group as much as she could. I was thrilled to get a present in my inbox while on vacation last week and saw the stunning party decor she had created and gave me the green light to share with all of you! I am completely obsessed with every pretty little detail when it comes to any type of soiree or entertaining and this gorgeous garland is just that. I love that you can customize this garland to match your desired color palette and place wherever you wish. I personally adore how Becca styled the garland in her stylish studio but I think it could also work brilliantly as a ceremony backdrop or even as decor over a dessert or gift table among many other creative places at your special event. Where would you hang this beauty???

Check out all the details on how to make this little lovely for yourself!


 Scissors (I got these amazing babies at Grey's Fabric Shop in the South End)
Heavy-Duty Thread
Tissue Paper
Embroidery Hoop
Sewing Machine
Washi Tape (I get all of mine and so many other goodies from the amazingly brilliant women of Gus & Ruby Letterpress)

Cut your tissue paper into whatever shape you wish.  I love doing squares, they always look nice, and float beautifully with a breeze.

Thread your machine and make sure the tension is where you want it to be for your tissue paper to run through, then start sewing your cuttings together, until you have your desired length.

Tie your garlands to the embroidery hoop.

Start taping with washi tape, one piece at a time, until you feel that your garland looks just how you wanted it to look.


you're finished, now enjoy!!!

A BIG Thank you to Becca for sharing this amazing design with us. I cannot wait to see what else you have up your sleeve down the road!!!

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