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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Last week I attended an event in Boston's charming South End neighborhood. I attended with my friend and fellow blogger Amelia from Colour-Bloc and while we both were excited for the evening we weren't quite sure what the evening would entail as the invitation simply state cocktails & conversations. The event was hosted by Kate of  Pluck PRCarats & Cake {who also featured our wedding on their new& fabulous inspiration site} Emily of mStarr Event Styling and Sofi,owner of the most wonderfully cozy boutique Olives & Grace

This evenings event came at the perfect time for me. Since my current contract at my day job is ending at the end of April I have been toying with putting resolution # 8 and #13 into action . I have always had a dream to work for myself but I am definitely afraid to take such a risky leap of faith. I have to say the evening was beyond my expectations and just what I needed. I met so many wonderful  hard working independent women who were there to network, make friends and encourage other woman to take the same strides they did in their decision to venture on their own and become successful business owners in the Boston area. The guest list included everyone from an artisanal pasta maker, designer bridal salon to wedding photographers. There wasn't competition, or sizing each other up. It was a room of people wanting to help each other be the best we can be by supporting one another, isn't that amazing! It seems like such a simple concept of women helping women, but rarely the stigma that females are all drama was absent in this room of ladies. I left feeling  excited about the future instead of scared {an emotion that has been plaguing me on many levels lately} which I have to say felt pretty amazing! 

Check out some of the images from the evening below. 

A small sampling of goodies available at Olives & Grace. 

A gift box I made for my man. He opened before I really got a chance to photograph. What can I say, the man loves gifts, especially ones that include beef jerky, chocolates  bacon brittle, truffled caramels and ginger syrup {for cocktails of course}.


The gorgeous flower arrangements were created by the talented Becca of Petal Floral Design & the tasty confections were courtesy of Mayflour Confections. All products were purchased by me at Olives & Grace. Straws by mStarr Event Styling.


  1. Sounds fabulous Heidi and what perfect timing to give you the extra boost you were looking for! Women rock =)

  2. It was so inspiring to be with all of you amazingly talented women, I can't wait for more meet ups!!


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