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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Product Round Up

Thanks to a few Sephora gift cards over the holidays I have been refreshing my beauty regimen and updating my make up bag with some new treats that truly make a difference in my appearance. While I have to admit I was never really into products, that is quickly changing as I get older and appreciate the magic that some of the finer products out there can truly do for my skin. Below is a round up of all my favorites and daily go to's that I cannot live without. What are your must have products???

Calypso St. Barth Perfumes are my absolute favorite, they are always light & fresh and never overpowering like most fragrances. I pair the vanilla with lavender for a warm soothing signature scent. 

I have fairly dry skin year round. So I love using Dove with Shea Butter in the shower and immediately upon exiting while skin is still damp I lather on my beloved coconut body butter to lock in moisture. 

Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion is my go to for the face at all times. While the St. Tropez gradual tan will give me a little glow without looking like I am unseasonably tan. 

Since I have long hair I loathe having to blow dry it so I try to only wash 2-3 times a week. I absolutely couldn't do this without a stellar product like Moroccan Oil shampoo, conditioner & oil to keep my hair shiny and smooth. 

Since I turn 34 tomorrow, I have incorporated some anti aging products into my daily routine. I find these Peter Thomas Roth un-wrinkle pads are the best out there & show the quickest results. 

I am SO bad about washing my face every night, so I always stock up on Neutrogena make up remover wipes to quickly remove the days wear and tear on my face. 

Benefit Cosmetics has been a long time favorite and my newest purchase of the "how to look the best at everything" kit has me completely smitten with it's contents. The combination of all these petite products in this kit truly gives me a less flawed complexion but also has helped my make up last longer. 

The "they're real" mascara gifted to me by my sister has changed my eyelash length without clumping. It's amazing, get it. 

"You Rebel" is my favorite tinted moisturizer of all time and I use in place of a foundation by mixing the light & the dark depending on the color of my skin that time of the season. 

NARS bronzer in Laguna is a great sheer glow{hint of shimmer}over your face, just use in small amounts so you don't look straight off the jersey shore. 

Bare Minerals blush in mauve lilac is a new addition that I am loving for it's color selection and easy application without looking like a clown. 

MAC has always been my lipstick and gloss go to for as long as I can remember. My trusty neutrals are the Cremesheen Glass in the color right image and their lipstick in Angel. 


  1. I'm always looking for new products - thanks for sharing your favs!

  2. i love moroccan oil products! it is all i will use on my hair. and i recently lost my makeup bag and actually jumped for joy because i got to go get all new makeup. i got the benefit "how to look the best at everything" kit, the "feelin' dandy lip and cheek" kit and "they're real" mascara. completely obsessed. i do not know how i lived without all of it before.

  3. Moroccan oil products smell so amazing! I love the oil and I've heard really great things about that mascara - must try it!


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