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Friday, November 2, 2012

Jump Around

It was Christmas Eve 1993, me and my family were opening our presents and per usual I was excited to rip through all the "santa" packages to get to the big box at the bottom of the pile. Growing up I could always figure out which gift was what by the shape of the box and especially remembered the unusual shape of the Cabbage Patch Kids and ran to those first. This year I had no clue what this extra large square box looming at the bottom of the pile was, I hadn't asked for anything that large so this really would be a surprise! An oh what a surprise it was, I opened the box, confused to see an outfit that was all attached. That's right folks, a jumpsuit that was a pleated pants, a white silk button down with shiny pearly buttons and a paisley vest all attached and zipped up the rear. It was quite the site! While my father is ALWAYS so generous and great at gift giving he occasionally was left to shop on his own without my mothers help and would come home from working in NYC with a gift for us that he picked out special on his own. Hence the work suit in a jumpsuit form. I am pretty sure all I could respond was "wow, it's all attached, how neat" while my mother and sister tried to hold their composure in the background. I was then forced to try it on for everyone's amusement.  {I really hope my dad isn't reading this blog post today}. Next time I am in NY I am going to look for that photo just so I can share my humiliation, it's just too good. 

Thankfully the jumpsuit has come a long way since then and there are much more flattering silhouettes available for the gal who likes her outfit all in one. Something about this look is just simply chic,  below are a few of my favorites. What do you think, is this style for you or do you still like your tops and pants to be separate entities???

Untitled #224

red // grey // white {DNS favorite} // printed // gold

Untitled #223

left to right
1{DNS favorite} // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Street Styles


  1. I love them all! They can definitely be soo sexy.

  2. LOL! You're story is hilarious and heartwarming. It is very practical! haha. Dads are the best. Hopefully he can smile about it now. :) Thank goodness jumpsuits have been upgraded since then!


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