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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

The Appy Couple

When I was deep into the wedding planning the wedding web site was one of my biggest priorities. Planning what we called a "mini destination" meant a lot of details had to be easily accessible for half of our friends and family in New York as well as the rest in the New England area and beyond. Even though I had a serious addiction to paper products and knew a lot of info would be shared in the actual invite, I also knew having a thorough site would be the best option for our guests to make their plans. This though process began my collecting of information for our guests and in the end I wound up with 15 pages of content. When I passed this info along to my then fiance for the designing of our site he nearly called off the wedding {just kidding, but he was less then thrilled}. Looking back I am still completely smitten with how our wedding site came out and love the memory of burning the midnight oil in the office, working together on getting through it all with a bottle of wine in tow. However if I could go back and do it all again {same fella of course}, I would totally go with this very cool innovative wedding company called Appy Couple {might be the cutest play on words ever}.  While the company is still in their Beta version there is a ton of goodness on there to create your very own personalized wedding app for smart phones. Considering I am completely obsessed with my phone I am totally crazy in love with this idea! Check out the deets below. 

Plethora of options for designing to match your color palette and theme. Choose your colors from a color wheel to get started or select a description that best matches you and your fiances overall wedding vision. 

The best part is that it's easy to input all your information! Get started here. 


  1. Thanks Heidi, we're thrilled with this!
    Best, Appy Founders

    1. Your so welcome! I had some feedback on FB that people are really into it - best of luck to you!


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