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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Little Friends

When I came across the web site for Seth Casteel's Little Friends I was in complete doggy nirvana. As I started to browse the adorable photos on the site, I felt myself slipping into a crazy dog lady moment of laughing at my computer screen with the hilarious photos of these pups under water. My laughter then proceeded into a full on Sybil moment when the tears started streaming down my cheeks reading about the rescue efforts with his Second Chances program. It's no secret how I much I love the furry friends in our lives. I grew up with dogs my entire life and count down the days till I have a few of my own {sorry honey, there will be multiple pooches in our life}. If my families pups weren't so terrified of our pool I would hire this extremely talented photog in a hot second to capture their perfect puppy personalities. I have a feeling someone I know will be getting his book for the holidays and I definitely will be bookmarking his site for every down day I may have as I know it will instantly cheer me up. 


Seth & his pups

Underwater Dogs

this photo is the perfect example why I need three dogs just like I had growing up

this pooch looks less then amused but also has this model quality that would be so pretty framed in the owners home

this photo has a very apocalyptic element to it. I love that the pups stance.


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