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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dream Dinner Party

I recently asked a few of my friends a fun conversational question that gave me a lot of surprising answers but also gave me an insight to each persons imagination.  The question -  If you could host a dream dinner party with six living people who would have over and why???? A lot of my friends had similar picks to my list and each others choices with obvious favorites like Oprah. This not only reminded me why we all have such similar personalities but also that we all love a good sense of humor. More then half of my friends had a selection of hilarious guests that were must haves for them and so did I. Seriously, what is better then someone who can keep a party going with the ability to make you laugh??? Below is who I picked and why I think they would be the perfect dinner guest. Who would you invite to your dream dinner party???

Guest List

Will Ferrell was an obvious pick for me. Not only do I love ever single movie he has ever been in, I just think he is naturally hilarious. If he was ever at my dinner party I imagine very little food would be consumed because we would be laughing the entire time.

Adele is not only beautiful but her talented is bar none. I would love to have her company at a dinner not only to hear her lovely English accent but would hope she would sing a little ditty at the end of an evening. 

If I could pick a single women brain about fashion it without a doubt would be Diane Von Furstenburg. Successful since the 70's and the ability to constantly reinvent herself and her fashions again in the late 90's without losing her signature style is a remarkable achievement in my book. I imagine she would bring fabulous garments for everyone to wear all evening long. 

Giuliana Rancic has to be one of my most admired TV personalities. Her ability to share her life in a tasteful way with the too familiar tacky reality television makes me want to give this gal a gold star. She consistently carries herself in a way younger women can look up to, avoids being a part of negative Hollywood gossip and has triumphed through so many hard times. Not only her incredible sense of humor would be welcomed at my dream dinner party but her ability to have such a positive outlook on life would be the best company. 

Just so that Will wasn't the only fella for the evening{even tho something tells me he could handle a dinner party of women}I would choose another SNL hall of famer. Jimmy Fallon. I always adored that he couldn't keep his shit cool on the show and was often found busting out laughs during his own skits. I think he would be the perfect accompaniment to Will and combined I think they would have quite a few stories to share.

Last but not least - Ina Garten. Someone has to cook right??? Not only is she a fellow New Yorker but she has created full-proof recipes that always come out fabulous and are easy breezy.  I also adore how she loves her husband {he is however not invited} and has had the ability to show a life without children can still be super fulfilling.


  1. i just wrote last week about how i want to have cocktails with DVF!she's amazing. your dinner party would be so fun!

    1. DVF just hosted an event in NYC for top bloggers - it must have been so awesome, I need to get her book!


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